I'm a second generation metalsmith with a love of beautifully made jewelry.

My first jewelry memory is my father creating the most lovely pieces, especially for my mom. He would open up drawers filled with gold, silver, sparkly gemstones and diamonds and I knew I wanted to do what he did.

I've worked at the bench for over 30 years and have custom made many pieces since. After running a very successful independent jewelry store on the East coast I decided to pack everything up and move to Oakland, California. It was a dream come true and so inspiring. After three years of Bay area living I traded in the redwoods for the red mountains of southern Utah, where I now live and create.

I handcraft this exquisite collection in my lovely little studio surrounded by the gorgeous desert and abundant sunshine. Each gorgeous piece is one-of-a-kind, fashion forward and artfully crafted. I use recycled metals, conflict free gemstones and found objects. I adore wearing jewelry, so I know how to create pieces that will flatter and enhance your look.




847C Coyote Gulch Court  Ivins, Utah

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