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  • Deborah Hutcheson

Concrete and fine jewelry

Colored concrete necklace.
Concrete and diamond ring and 1950's "breeze block"

I love mid-century modern. Whether its a Louis Kahn building, a Noguchi coffee table or a fabulous Calder mobile you can't beat those clean lines. I remember seeing a piece of jewelry from the 50's with concrete in it and thought, what a brilliant idea. Modern jewelry designers have always used unusual materials in their art. Concrete has been around for ages but I do think it was used so well in the middle of the 20th century. Those super cool "breeze blocks" are to die for!

After many failed attempts at combining concrete and precious metals I have found a perfect mixture. The concrete is fine enough but strong and durable. The design possibilities are endless and the juxtaposition of concrete with gold, silver or diamonds is so exciting.

I'm glad there is so much interest in mid-century now, thanks to shows like "Mad Men" and these great modern artists are getting their just accolades. They have inspired me for years and I hope they will inspire you too.

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