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  • Deborah Hutcheson

Inspiring beauty

As much as I love living in the desert one does crave those rainy cool days. So what do you do when the temperatures are well over 100 degrees? Head to Scotland!

I am very fortunate to have had a father who was born and raised in Glasgow Scotland, so when I go there for a vacation its also a wonderful family reunion. We spent two magical weeks soaking up all that lush green beauty that only a great amount of rain creates. We visited the medieval cities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews, the cosmopolitan hub of Glasgow and lots of relaxing with family in their Hillfoot homes by the Ochil Hills.

As a designer it was a treat to see the craftsmanship of the local metalsmiths still using the same techniques from 200 years ago. The knitters weaving all that gorgeous wool into sweaters and kilts, and of course sampling some very tasty scotch whisky.

We did enjoy the rainy weather but we also had some spectacular sunny days too. I came home refreshed and ready for the upcoming busy holiday season. Its always a treat to get away to something so different from your normal life and energize your creativity.


St. Andrews in the morning

Edinburgh Castle lit up.


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