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  • Deborah Hutcheson

Summertime Fun

Summer is always fun. Long sunny days, lush gardens, beautiful beaches. Add a visit from your wonderful Scottish family and it makes for a perfect combination. It started off with a lovely wedding at Lake Tahoe. Small and intimate with a brimming gorgeous blue lake as a backdrop. Wow. It took my breathe away and the bride was stunning too! She wore my elegant pearl drop earrings, perfect for a wedding and everyday.

Julie and Graeme.

After the lake it was off to the beach. Pebble Beach. Being from Scotland my family doesn't get too much sun so they were basking in all of its glory. This was the first time in CA for my aunt and uncle and they were enjoying every moment. We splashed in the ocean, had bon fires in the evening and the scenery was incredible. What a special vacation.

My sweet cousin Aimee stayed on for another month to help me with the summer shows and we had so much fun. She was my beautiful model for a photo shoot and she made my jewelry look stunning.

Now everyone is back home and our lovely time together is just a memory but oh what a memory it is. Nothing in this world means more to me than my beautiful family. Cheers!

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