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  • Deborah Hutcheson

A Beautiful 2019

After hibernating for the first month of 2019 its time to kick it into gear! I love shutting down after the holidays and being introspective for a few weeks before the start of another busy year. But now it almost feels like spring is around the corner and it's the perfect time to create...

This is what happened today outside my studio and if that doesn't work as inspiration nothing will. I am still totally enthralled with the colors and textures that are in the desert landscape and I like trying to capture that in my jewelry.

These pieces are made with sterling silver and pigmented concrete. The colors I see everyday with the gorgeous red mountains and the green desert floor.

I am totally captivated with the idea of working with concrete. After starting several years ago with the medium I am really pushing myself to take it in new directions. These pieces remind me of the starry desert night sky where you can actually see the Milky Way!

As I proceed with filling my year's show schedules I will be posting all the new dates on my website. I love traveling and meeting so many wonderful clients and very talented fellow artists. So here's to a very fun, successful, and inspiring 2019.


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